09 June 2012

Walk to Kleinplaas Dam, Red Hill

As Capetonians, we are very lucky to live in a city that truly has it all. Cosmopolitan, vibey, stunningly beautiful and with so much to do no matter what you favourite pastime may be.

For those who enjoy a ramble in the winter sunshine, try the lovely, easy walk up to Kleinplaas Dam.
Built in 1964 to supply water to Simonstown, the wall was extended in 1970. It was built on the site of the Klein Plaats farm hence the name "small" dam. With lovely shining white beaches, its an ideal stop for a picnic or paddle. You can continue your hike from the dam - there are various paths and you are likely to see the odd horse being ridden along here or taking a welcome drink from the dam!

Accessible from Red Hill, Simonstown, you will first pass the deserted Red Hill Village which was forcefully abandoned when Simonstown was declared a "Whites Only" area under the apartheid government. Apparently the residents of this village removed doors and windows when they left - and who can blame them? It has been the site of a Land Claim and payments of approx. R14,000.00 were received by previous residents in 1989. Originally, a small farming village, the broken down ruins must hold many stories and memories of tears and laughter. It's a peaceful, quiet spot - an ideal place for a growing family to run free as birds. Sadly, only the ruins remain, a remnant of our chequered history.

This walk offers many spectacular vistas, amazing rock formations and even the odd cave or two. In springtime, the fynbos will be blooming and offer different scenes yet again.

© Judelle Drake

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