03 December 2012

Muizenberg to St James Walk

Looking for some sea breezes?

Not into strenous hiking?

Then the scenic and mostly flat walk along the path from Muizenberg to St James is just right for you!

One starts at Muizenberg Station - park either side of the railway line - it makes no difference and there is usually amply parking on both sides. During the busy season the parking on the Main Road side is most probably better.

The walk takes in lovely views of Muizenberg beach, the rock pools along the way, fishermen trying their luck or just getting away from their wives, the truly drunken soul who tries to catch a soccer ball from some passing guys and grabs fresh air with both arms three times in a row before falling down, or the friendly "hello' from a passing stranger, makes this a worthwhile walk at all times of the year.

The sea is ever changing so it is as fascinating on a calm and balmy day as it is on a stormy day. Sometimes, during summer, the wind will be howling and then the white foam is churned up to make fascinating patterns of bubbles along the shore line.

St James has a tidal pool and bathing huts so it is VERY popular with the locals during the summer months and you are unlikely to find even a small spot to sit and sunbathe. But don't despair, you can walk further along to Danger Beach where the surfers gather and there is likely to be a spot for you to take a breather.

In winter, you may be lucky to spot the odd whale or two.

Along the road  you can view Rhodes Cottage where Cecil John Rhodes spent his last days or you can visit the Het Posthuys Museum. Some buildings along Main Street are in a state of disrepair whilst other s have been renovated and look stately and gorgeous.

Muizenberg went into decline when all the Jewish familes stopped visiting and the area became very run down and unsightly. There has been a revival of sorts with buildings being done up and some interesting cafes to vist after your walk.

Surfers Corner at the start of the walk is always a popular spot and you can watch the surfers displaying their skills (or lack thereof!) whilst enjoying some coffee or a lunch.

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