25 October 2012

10 Favourite Memories

Music, laughter and special experiences make travel such a unique experience for all of us.

Some of my favourite memories: ( not in any particular order)

1- My first sight of the Grand Canyon from a helicopter - the tears just flowed.

2 - Buying an oil painting of the Eiffel Tower after climbing all the way down this icon of Paris!

3 - Riding the ferries in Sydney Harbour and wishing for the courage to climb Sydney Bridge

4 - Walking Lombard Street in San Francisco, so so very tired after long flight

5 - Trying to escape the black-robed Jewish jewelry traders in Manhattan

6 - Being nearly  ridden over and squashed by a bicycle in Amsterdam

7 -  Stumbling upon a tiny Irish pub, filled with Irish people playing their music - not a tourist in sight.

8 - Eating at a great restaurant in Grundlsee, Austria, dripping wet from the rain - and nobody stared!

9 - My walk/hike up Fox Glacier, New Zealand

10 - Eating Provita with Marmite at the top of the tower in St Marks Square, Venice

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