11 October 2012

Heathrow to Cape Town - last day in UK

Our last day in UK was spoilt by - guess what - RAIN!!!
Arriving at Heathrow Terminal 5 in the rain was a fit (or maybe not) good-bye to UK. Luggage can only be checked in 3 hours prior to the flight so we had to walk around the terminal about 4 times before being able to check-in our bags. Apparently, the flight is over-booked so we were offered a chance to have another flight. A free flight would have been a bonus but there was no guarentee of this and we would have had to wait around to hear the decision. A jam-packed flight for 11 hours in Economy Class is not looking very appealing right now, especially after the very slow security checks.
Apparently, they are new security checks in place plus training going on so it was SLOW - so slow that my knees are now aching fro standing for over 30 minutes! They just about want one undressed plus I-Pads, Kindles and Laptops must come out of their covers. I though of being bloddy-minded as mine is an Asus not an I-Pad and they don't mention tablets but I thought better of it at the last minute. Did not feel like being locked up!
Whislt the passengers are all checked with a fine tooth comb, one wonders what sort of security checks are done on staff? Are they checked in and out of the airport? One would hope so.
By now feeling very hot and bothered plus extremely irritated with not much time to even browse the shops.
There was a lady with a very tiny baby ahead of me in the queue - much of her stuff was put aside to be checked and she asked politely if they could fast-track her as the baby was hungry but they refused. One would think that other passengers would be OK with a mother and such a small baby - we would have been even though it would have made the wait longer. We felt very sorry for her.
Oh well, a beer should make us feel better and hopefully the flight will be OK.
Bye to UK and good friends - thanks for your hospitality!!!
Our "Betsy" was absolutely brilliant - she was a star and got us everywhere we wanted to be.
The roads in UK are so confusing that a Tom-Tom is a must - don't venture out without one!
BA is pretty good - no problems with staff or the flying skills - however, the plane was so packed there was not a spare seat to be had and the entertainment system was not working correctly.. My restless legs kept me awake all night and even the stretching and walking did not help. Grrr!!! At least I had an isle seat.
Our landing in Cape Town was superb and we exited the plane to ---guess what? BLUE SKIES!
Hello, Cape Town!

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