20 November 2012

Tips for going on Holiday.

Going on Holiday?

The excitement of planning the trip is enough to keep one busy for awhile. So many places to go, so many, varied cultures, so much adventure, so many different foods to try - the list is, quite frankly, mind-boggling. Choosing a destination is your number 1 priority then comes the method of travel. Will you go it alone on a self-drive or would you prefer to do an organised tour where all the stress and hassle gets taken out of the equation?

Self-drive or public transport travel, gives one much more freedom - however, you must have a reliable GPS/timetables and you need to know what and where you wish to go. Wasting time whilst overseas is not cost effective unless you are travelling in the same currency, are retired or have unlimited leave from your job. Always make the most of your time abroad even if it just involves sitting on the beach or at the resort. Whatever makes you relaxed and happy, is what it is all about. Having said that you can just relax in one spot, this type of travel will not bring you into contact with the locals, the scenery, the shopping, the various foods available etc. Travel is all about exploring - do it! You won't be sorry. Just living like a local, shopping at the supermarket or eating out at the many restaurants, gives you a feel of the place and it's people.

Tours are great if you wish to see the maximum number of sites within s short space of time, if you are a single traveller not comfortable doing it alone, or whether you just enjoy making new friends of all nationalities. The companies are many and varied - do your research well so that you don't get caught by a fly-by-night Tour Operator.

Cruising appeals to many travellers who are no longer fully mobile - it's a slower paced holiday and you only need to unpack once. A huge bonus for some. Meals are provided plus all the on board entertainment but do take part in the excursions so as to benefit from the countries visited and absorb their cultures.

Browse the Internet, follow the Travel Bloggers, visit your local Travel Agent, talk to friends and family, buy an Atlas - all these things will give you plenty to think about as to where your next holiday will be!

If it is your first time abroad, I can guarantee it will not be your last!

Enjoy the planning!

© Judelle Drake

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