13 February 2013

Kalk Bay (Cape Town) for a day to remember.

Kalk Bay Tidal Pool at High Tide

One of the very best things in life is to be passionate about the city that one lives in.

Living in Cape Town is such a bonus and sometimes I just have to pinch myself to realise that it is real and we do enjoy this city day in and day out. Although that dreaded word "WORK" does get in the way! I am nevertheless also passionate about my Self-Catering business (Bradclin Portfolio) and love hearing from the many and varied visitors/guests from all walks of life. Their stories are so interesting and their careers so many and varied. So truly, the best of it all right here at home, despite my extreme thirst for travel!

One of our favourite haunts over a week-end is Kalk Bay. This village is so different from many of the other Cape Town suburbs that one could be mistaken and think you are already out of the city and in another world. One of the earliest visitors to this area was Simon van der Stel (1677 - 1699) who discovered that the fishing was good here and he could thus supply his men with food during the winter. To this day, the fishermen still ply their trade out of the picturesque harbour and fresh fish can be bought directly from the boats on the quay side. It's fascinating to watch the women scale and gut the fresh fish while you wait!

Whaling was a major source of income in years gone by until the Southern Right whales were practically extinct. Luckily, with the ban on whaling, the Southern Right whale numbers are increasing annually and these wonderful creatures can be seen along the coast from approx. August each year.

The Kalk Bay harbour was built in 1918 and this is a must see in cape Town. Stroll along to see the locals fishing, enjoy some fish and chips or a fancier plate of seafood in one of the harbour restaurants then wander the Main Road with it's many antique shops, art galleries, the famous China  shop with it's many rooms laden with tea sets, dinner services from grandma's day plus many other finds from the attics! There are interesting clothing shops, a variety of coffee shops, many restaurants such as the "oldies" "Cape To Cuba" , "The Brass Bell" "Olympia Cafe and "Harbour House" Restaurant. There are many more new kids on the block so one can keep going back to sample them all!

Do wander up the cobbled side streets - you may just find a treasure or two to take home or something unusual to look at.

Browse the Main Road, venture uphill for great views, eat your fill, cool off in the tidal pool and then finish off the day at the Kalk Bay Theatre. Your day can be as fun-filled and busy as you want it to be or it can be totally laid-back while you sip your drinks and watch the other crazy locals wandering by.

© Judelle Drake

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