01 July 2015

Camps Bay, Cape Town

Camps Bay - Cape Town
Camps Bay conjures up the glamour side of Cape Town with the many mansions perched on the mountainside, housing the wealthier Cape Town's citizens.

However, it is a welcoming suburb and the beachfront rocks during most of the year, even during the winter months as the vibe is usually "sunny" despite what the weather may be doing.

Camps Bay - Cape Town

During winter, the pounding surf can be just as invigorating as the gentler summer waves.

Camps Bay attracts both locals and visitors who enjoy the famous Camps Bay strip with it's many restaurants; catering for all tastes. Some restaurants only seem to last a season while others have stood the test of time and are all-time favourites.

The wide beach attracts many sun-lovers during the hot summer months but it is big enough for all. Parking can be a nightmare though so take a cab if you are staying in another suburb. Take a stroll, play a ball game, take a bike ride or just sit and gaze at the waves.

Theatre on the Bay - Camps Bay - Cape Town
The "Theatre on the Bay" is the local spot for some magical musicals, serious drama or side-splitting comedies, The program changes on a regular basis in this intimate theatre. A life-sized sculpture, which was unveiled 20th March 2012, welcomes patrons who arrive from the Victoria Road side.
During the day, it casts an interesting shadow -  unfortunately, the air-bricks in the wall behind spoil the photo, so I deleted my attempts to capture the theatrical bow.

  The Red Top Open Bus stops in Camps Bay and this is a great way to enjoy the city for an orientation tour or if your time is limited. Hop off for a stroll along the beach or a sundowner and absorb some of the atmosphere of this seaside suburb.


Sunsets are magical in this suburb, whether in summer or winter.
Sit quietly on the beach and bask in the last rays of the sun as it sets over the ocean.
Many restaurants have lovely views over the sea so pop along for sundowners!

Its a suburb bursting with LIFE so take some time out to enjoy the beauty of Camps Bay.

Camps Bay - Cape Town

© Judelle Drake

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