05 August 2012

Bloggers are not NERDS!!!

Who said Bloggers are NERDS??? Well, I suppose that is debatable when we spend so much time writing about ourselves and our travels in the hope that somebody out there will enjoy our ramblings and perhaps even "follow" us on our travels. Or, better still, make some nice comments!

Blogging started in the late 1990's and was mainly used by individuals up until as recently as 2009.
For many the journey started as an online diary for friends and family and perhaps to ease the concerned families whilst their offspring went back-packing all over the globe.

Today blogging is a buzz word that has everybody wanted a slice of the pie. And why not?
It's fun, you get to share your experiences online with many people in various countries and maybe, they too, will be inspired to travel more and start their own blog. It's the way of the future and personal experience of a country is always better to rely on rather than a rather boring and factual guide-book. Don't get me wrong, guide books play a very important role in travel and I doubt they will ever become redundant but reading a number of blogs about a destination you may want to visit, gives you a first-hand account from people of all walks of life and these stories are shaping the Internet.

I was privileged to be able to attend the 2nd Getaway Blogging Conference held at Upper Eastside Hotel in Woodstock, Cape Town on 04/08/2012 and I can only say "WOW" Blogging has become a profession for many bloggers who have been blogging for 4 years or more and they are lucky enough to be able to travel to many wonderful and inspiring destinations. Amazingly, I learnt that there are International Blogging Conferences held. Time to start saving.......!

Being a "newbie" to blogging (only just a year now) I was enthralled by 4 International bloggers who had been invited to Cape Town by Cape Town Tourism (see what I mean - expenses paid by somebody else!!!)

Keith Jenkins of Velvet Escape - who is unashamedly into luxury travel. Keith is based in Amsterdam, Netherlands and started life in the banking sector. He was not entirely happy with his life and this sector collapsed in 2008, ending his career path. His love of travel and photography started him on his journey of blogging and he has made a huge success of this.

Nellie Huang is a tiny slip of a girl with a passion for adventure so her blog, Wild Junket, focuses on all things linked to crazy adventure stuff. She lives with her husband in Spain, WHEN they are home, which is not often. She was a pleasure to talk to with a bubbly personality.

Matt Long of Landlopers (this is Afrikaans for Land Walkers!) - the English meaning is an "adventurer" which is what Matt professes to be. Very truly American, I am sure he has inspired many Americans to get out of their "USA is bigger and better than anywhere else" mode and start travelling to different parts of the globe. Even if USA is "bigger and better" there are other wild, beautiful, freezing, over-populated, under-populated, or just plain "wow" places to be explored and enjoyed. Having been to USA from San Franscisco right up to Seattle, along the West Coast, and New York on the East, with its endless noise and bustle, Cape Town CBD did look VERY tiny on my return home, so I can relate to the Yanks thinking "bigger" but not always better!

Melvin Boecher has made a name for himself with his very popular web site, Travel Dudes. Apparently, this started after a 3 month journey to Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos. Their web site is extremely informative and a passion has turned into a thriving business.  Melvin is very much into Social Media and rattles of words like Facebook,Twitter, Instagram, StumbleUpon, Google+, Pininterest, Flickr. Where does he find the time for all this???

All 4 of these international travellers kept us enthralled by their stories and made my feet extremely itchy to get out there and do more.

There were numerous other speakers who shared their expertise - it was total and overwhelming brain overload - yet so great to be part of something that is exploding today on the Internet. Maybe our stories will outlive us all and become a small part of history.

With my passion for photography, which is an ongoing challenge and always needs improvement, I hope to satisfy the childhood dream of becoming a journalist by rather becoming a better blogger. The journalist "thing" no longer excites me but travel does and sharing makes the experience live on in my memory forever.

Technology has advanced so fast and so quickly in the past few years, that it is a challenge to keep up with all the modern terms - one wonders who came up with the term "Blog" and "Blogger"
We are living and breathing our own history and it is changing minute by minute in this fast-paced realm of the Internet where information is live within seconds and can be shared world-wide. This connectivity can be an extremely powerful tool if used in a positive way. Travel Bloggers are surely the most positive, happy and friendly people - who travels to be miserable?? This connects us to others  and spreads goodwill around the globe - with great results. Perhaps the politicians need to take some lessons in how to spread good cheer and well-being without any bribery or corruption, something rife in many countries today. 

I now wear the badge with pride - even if I am still a rank amateur - I am proud to call myself a "Blogger"!!!!

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