05 August 2013

Cape Town - Llandudno Boulder Walk

Boulders at Llandudno Cape Town
Sometimes, the most impromptu detour takes one to an unexplored place and results in  a ramble along a path lined with huge, dramatic boulders, the constant crashing of the never-ending surf and a few other like minded people.
We were headed back home via the coastal road towards Sea Point, when the rolling waves, far below, seemed to call us closer down the steep road towards Llandudno.
Purely from curiosity, we swerved left and headed downwards, past the Security Hut with it's camera's beady eye, whilst being lured slowly downwards by those enormous, yet seemingly innocent rollers. In a dream, they would be terrifying as they rush to sweep one under, plunging the unsuspecting swimmer into a swirling maelstrom of unleashed power as they rush towards the shore.

We reached the parking area - so tiny compared to the waves (only 35 vehicles!) but managed to secure a spot. We wandered down the path and found the steps leading to the beach. However, the huge boulders further on caught our attention - just a bold as those waves and certainly worth a closer look. So we did not descend to the beach but wandered further on, meeting other strollers with dogs and children!

The path is to the left of the parking area and heads off  to a rocky headland of crazy shapes and sizes which totally overshadow man. Find you way around them, clamber over or under, sit and gaze at the never-ending power of the ocean crashing to the rocks below. The sound of the ocean is so loud, yet  very soothing as only the sea can be. On one side, gaze at the architectural mansions which "adorn" the slopes to the right of the beach.

A rich man's paradise - it seems so and what a spectacular part of Cape Town!
It was an unexpected delight and a wonderful ramble for adults with children to explore under and over the boulders!
A short, but energising walk for us in the glorious winter sunshine that so epitomises Cape Town.
In the end, we did not even venture down the steps to the beach where a number of people were sun-bathing (yes, it does happen in Cape Town in August!) as by now a cold beer was calling.....so we headed off to the V&A Waterfront to quench out thirst.
NB: Please take note - the water is cold here and the currents are strong. Lifesavers are on duty during summer.
On the other side of Llandudno lies Sandy Bay - a famous nudist beach! Visit if you dare.

Update: We have done this walk again (July 2015) and it remains one of our favourite spots for a winter wander. The crashing waves against the shore are music to my ears, the family picknicking on the huge rocks makes me wish I had brought a picnic too, and the surfers catching some waves all make for a soothing afternoon in the winter sunshine!
Some new photos have been uploaded on Flickr in Album "Llandudno"

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