11 October 2013

Alleppy, India - (17)

Alleppey seems to encourage "blob" days - it's so laid back!

 I am also finding the humidity rather draining if walking during the day. Bring on some rain, please! So a taste of some Ayurvedic Massage should bring some more relaxation to the day? The centre at Panoramic Sea Resort does women one day and then men on alternate days so James could not experience this at the same time. I chose the Head, Neck and Shoulder massage. Firstly, my clothes had to come off (top only) and then I was seated on a step type seat. The lady poured oil on my head and pulled my hair up and down. Not very relaxing at all - in fact, rather painful! The brief head massage that my hairdresser gives me, is more relaxing! Anyway, next came the shoulders with more oil. Then onto the bed for the back massage. As I am not an expert on massage methods, I found the back massage painful rather than soothing. The lady also pinches the flesh - OK I know that I am overweight and there are many folds hanging, just waiting to be pinched, but still.....! It was with great relief that this all came to an end after 30 minutes. To put the cherry on the top, her cell phone rang 3 times during my allotted 30 minutes!  I did feel relaxed but not so relaxed as to require sleep. Looking like Sputnik with this oily hair sticking up on all sides was rather hysterical - thankfully, the camera was hidden so there is no record of this horrid sight.
Imagine my shock and horror to find huge bruises on both sides of my body after a few hours. Painful to sleep on and is this really supposed to do me some good? I have my doubts. One wonders if everybody is properly trained in this method of massage? So rather a disappointing experience after the huge hype that seems to surround Ayurvedic Massage in India. Luckily, James has not been put off by my experience so it will be interesting to hear his tale tomorrow.

All I can say is "Imagen" in Pinelands with my friend, Celia will be on my list of  to-do's when I return to South Africa. Her touch is soothing and relaxing and always gets rid of my tense muscles!

In the afternoon, we took a wander up into Alleppey. School was out for the day and many children passed us on their way home. Most walking, some on bicycles, a few in Tuk-Tuks. So friendly, they all wave and say "Hi"  The boys are somewhat braver and asked for a photo. These children are very well dressed in very smart uniforms - they truly look a credit to their school, their parents and their country. Eventually, I suppose they will all turn into honking drivers but for now, they are  somewhat quieter! Walking along the road is always a noisy affair as everybody hoots when passing - perhaps this is taken as a warning signal in case they do knock you over?
By now rather hot and sweaty again, the cooler air on the beach was welcome. However, the beach is full of litter after the busy Sunday. Some has been swept into piles but not picked up. Quite a marked change from the first day we saw the beach. The after school/work crowd were having some fun in the water, despite the dangerous rip. Maybe the locals know the safer spots as foreigners are told not to swim at Alleppey Beach.
Let's see what tomorrow brings.
© Judelle Drake

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