01 December 2013

Sea Point Promenade - Cape Town Walking Spot

Three Anchor Bay Beach

If you fancy a long,. interesting walk, park at the V&A Waterfront and walk (or run!) towards Sea Point Promenade.

The views of these city suburbs, with Lions Head and Table Mountain in the background, are tremendous, the sea is gorgeous and blue, the breeze either gentle or fierce depending on the season and it is a great spot for people watching. Thin, fat, tall or short, all sorts enjoy this local attraction and in all weathers as well!

Green Point Lighthouse was the first solid lighthouse built in South Africa and was first lit on 12/04/1824. It's red and white and stands 16 metres tall. There have been numerous lighthouse keepers over the years, the longest appearing to be a Mr J Hopson who manned the lighthouse from 1860 - 1878 - a period of 18 years. Quite an achievement!

Opposite the lighthouse, you can detour into the Green Point Park for stunning local flora plus views of the Soccer Stadium and Table Mountain.

Further along towards Sea Point you have children's play areas, a putt-putt course, then you reach Three Anchor Bay where there is a beach popular with canoeists and jet skiers.

Just past this spot you will find some outdoor gym equipment - that's if you really want to exercise madly before continuing your wander.

The area of the demolished Graaf's Pool

Graaff's Pool was closed some years back (it was a gay hang-out, overlooked by the huge block of flats!) but one can still wander down the old path where we did spot a chap being brave enough to head into the sea for a swim.

Broken Bath Beach
There are a few small beaches along the way - the name I like the most is "Broken Bath" beach. I have no idea where this strange name originated. The promenade ends at the Sea Point Swimming Baths.

There is always some something interesting to see - watch the tandem para gliders launch themselves off  Signal Hill and come floating down, to land gently on the Sea Point lawns. A must-do activity if one is brave enough!

The sea is always an attraction - from stormy winter days where the waves crash over the sea wall, to the calm blue of summer with many boats sailing past.

© Judelle Drake

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