25 January 2015

Simonstown Wander

Views over Simonstown Harbour
Simonstown is one of those quaint places that nobody should miss whilst on a visit to Cape Town.
It is well worth spending a few days in this gem but if that's not possible then even a few hours will give you an insight into this historical town.
The town was named after Simon van der Stel, the Dutch governor of the Cape Colony between 1677 and 1699.  The beautiful bay was earmarked as a safe winter harbour for the months of May to September. It still remains a lovely winter spot being north facing.
The town became a Royal Navy base and still boasts many Victorian buildings.
The Naval base was handed over to the South African government in 1957.

The most famous resident remains the great Dane, Just Nuisance. This incredible dog brought much joy to the many sailors and the book is well worth a read. You can purchase the book at the museum "Just Nuisance" by Terence Sisson.
There are many beautiful buildings lining the main road in the town - fascinating for those interested in architecture and history. With many quirky shops, it's a delight to browse.

For those seeking a more active activity, try Sea Kayaking, Big Game Fishing, a cruise to Seal Island, Scuba diving, Shark Cage diving or just a tour around the harbour!

The Naval Museum is free and fascinating if you are interested in Naval History. 
The Toy Museum (currently R5.00 pp) sells new cars and has a large collection of old toy cars, dolls and a  model railway.
Don't forget the Simonstown Museum for an insight into town history.

Walks around Simonstown:
1) The Waterfall
Start at the Shell Petrol Station in town. Walk up the steps to the left of the garage. Follow the steep roads up the hill looking for the "skilift" pylons which will lead you to Barnard Street. The path to the waterfall begins where the road ends and it is a flattish easy path. It should take no more than 20 minutes to get from the start to the waterfall.
1) Just Nuisance Grave
The grave of our famous dog is at the top of the hill above Simon's Town and while it is a tough climb up the steps to the top, the view is well worth it. The mountain steps begin on Barnard Street and lead up to the Navy Signals area where the grave is located.

The False Bay Yacht club welcomes visitors - pop in for a drink or a light bite.


 The harbour area is surrounded by eateries such as Bertha's on the waters edge and the Salty Dog, On the main road there are a number of pavement cafe's plus the "The Meeting Place" so you won't go hungry after all the activity.

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