16 November 2014

Volvo Ocean Race - Cape Town

Being a land-lubber from the tip of my nose to the bottom of my toes, I am totally in awe of these intrepid sailors who venture across the miles of ocean in this amazing ocean race.
Founded in 1973 and first known as the Whitbread Around The World race, the race takes nearly 9 months to complete, crosses 4 oceans and visits 11 countries.

Now in its 12th year, this race is a tough taskmaster as the demands on the crew are tough. It's not for the faint hearted!

Cape Town has been privileged to host these 7 boats for the 10th time and the V & A Waterfront has been the scene of much activity. 
Team SCA is an all women crew as the company focuses on mainly female products. The 2 SCA pavilions travel from one stop - over to the next and their wooden floors are proudly Swedish.
X - rays were used to select the best timber! Apparently, 3 trees are planted in the Swedish forests for each tree that is felled. Great sustainability.

The girls trained in Puerto Calero in Lanzerote but who can really be ready for months of freeze - dried food, jumping from your bunk to the opposite side when tacking, or just getting soaked while on deck with almighty waves crashing over the bow? One toilet??? OMG can you imagine!
Whether male or female, this is one tough experience to either endure or enjoy.
In the midst of the great oceans where you are alone in the wild, an albatross may decide to follow for awhile. Apparently this can be kinda freaky as they glide so effortlessly above the boat!

I will be following the SCA team as I admire the guts of these women to tackle such an incredible journey.
Five sailors have lost their lives in this race since it began in 1973 and one hopes, that with all the modern equipment and technology, this statistic will never increase. Over 48 nationalities have braved the cramped and dangerous conditions to prove something to themselves.
Download the App for the Volvo Ocean Race and take this mind-blowing journey across the oceans of the world, with these 7 yachts from the safety of your couch!!!!

Cape Town bids the sailors "Good Luck and Fair Winds!"

© Judelle Drake

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