22 September 2017

Knysna Elephant Park

Knysna Elephant Park
Elephants are the most amazing animals and there are numerous tales written about them.

Whilst it is always best to view these magnificent beasts in places like the Kruger Park, sometimes mingling with the orphaned elephants at Knysna Elephant Park can be very special.

The park was founded in 1994 to care for orphaned African elephants. The facility offers individual history on many of the elephants that have been looked after. Some remain as part of the current herd whilst others have died or been relocated to other reserves.

The outdoor space is open to both elephants, zebra and humans and feeding of the elephants is a must! Just feel the strength of those trunks.....

The elephants are housed inside at night although they are free to go out should they wish to do so. However, being snug and warm during the cold winter nights must be truly special for these beauties! 

One can book a "room" above the boma should you wish to watch the ellies sleeping/snoring oor doing whatever ellies do at bedtime.

 It was an amazing privilege to walk amongst these huge creatures, watch them eating, watch them heading for the feeding bar as each new batch of visitors arrived. 

The handlers stay with you for a long as you want to just watch and learn. 

Sally is the matriarch to the herd - she was born in 1989 and saved from culling in the kruger Park. She is the biggest elephant.

Keisha was born in 2003 and is identified by the holes in her ears and her tiny tusks.

Thandi is the first born elephant at the park and boasts a very wrinkly forehead!

Somebody's legs are rather wrinly as well.

The facility has loads of interesting info on elephants so it truly is a place to visit whilst in the Knysna area and more so if one is unable to visit either Addo Elephant Park or Kruger Park

© Judelle Drake

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