15 April 2018

Dylan Lewis Sculpture Garden

Looking for a magical interlude away from the madding crowd??
The sound of bees, frogs and birds will soothe the soul, the views will rejuvenate and the incredible sculptures make one gaze in awe.

Look no further than Dylan Lewis' Sculpture Garden on "Mulberry" Farm in Stellenbosch for an interlude of tranquillity.

One has to wonder where the name Mulberry Farm originated - I did spot some olives but no mulberries!

Dylan Lewis is a world renowned artist/sculptor with many outstanding animal and human interpretations in an wonderfully different art form.

Dylan quotes "Nature is a church with no dogma"  and his sculptures are, by his own admission, an outlet for emotion. An incredible journey towards self-acceptance and non-judgement.

 The garden is a journey in itself - with over 60 sculptures, winding paths, stepping stones over natural streams, a scenic lake and many nooks and crannies to explore over 7 hectares.

The views of the mountains are incredible - wild leopard still apparently roam these mountains.

The paths are approx 4 km and it seems to end too soon - we could have done the entire circuit again and again!

 Dylan Lewis spent many years sketching both wild and captive leopards. Other big cats followed - cheetah, lion and tiger.

The artists impression of raw power and emotional tension is immediately visible in many of the sculptures. Immense and awe-inspiring!


A very detailed map is given on arrival. The gardens have many aspects - Aloe Garden, Waterfall Pond, Poplar Grove, Wild Olive Grove, Pincushion Protea Grove, Natural Wetland, etc.

Highly recommended for both the  art forms, the views, and the gardens.
Many years of dedicated work have gone into this piece of paradise.
For more info contact 021 880 0054
NB: Please note that visits and tours are BY APPOINTMENT only

"Unearth the wilderness within"

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