27 October 2014

Sea Point Promenade Stroll - Cape Town

This promenade is a year round place to visit. Whether to run, amble, people watch, cycle, jog or just laze on the surrounding lawns, it remains one of our favourite spots in Cape Town.

There is currently an excellent exhibition showing the dwindling rhino numbers in South Africa. Individually, the bronze artwork parts look like nothing and I wandered past scratching my head, wandering what on earth the artist was trying to achieve. Further on there is a ramp leading to a tiny tube with 4 cross beams. The most amazing site met my eyes  - a rhino! It is incredible what intricate designs artists can achieve. Known as the "Rhinosaur" by Andre Carl van der Merwe, it was originally done in timber as a joint effort with a number of other artists.
Another current exhibition, named the "Soft Walls" is currently attached along the walls of the promenade. These large photographs are most interesting and well worth looking at.

The tandem paragliding teams are normally out as they take off from Lions Head or Signal Hill and land on the lawns in Sea Point. A trip to dream of.....treat yourself if you dare!

It's also a smile a minute at some of the people antics, especially during the summer months. Like the chap spread-eagled in the water - was he hot or just hung over? Another couple were sitting under a beach awning, with their socks on! 


On a bench lay a man in the blazing sun, fast asleep despite the hustle and bustle surrounding him.
Always a fun walk!

© Judelle Drake

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