24 September 2012

UK - Things I Love and Hate about UK!

What I love about UK:
1 -The pubs - we just cannot replicate these in Cape Town - however, Cape Town does have amazing restaurants.
2 - The castles and the history going back hundreds of years - in Cape Town we have one Castle which is not a residence!
3 - The gorgeous English Gardens - the late Una van der Spuy was our inspiration for English Gardens in South Africa but the wind and heat is often against us.
4 -The stunning English villages with their cute houses
5 - The narrow roads with only "passing places"
6 - The Canal System for narrow boating
7 - The "prettyness" of the countryside
8 - The fact that beer is freely available in supermarkets

What I don't like about UK:
1 - The weather!!!!!
2 - The (sometimes) very unfriendly people
3 - T-Mobile - a total rip-off
4 - The badly maintained tow paths in places
5 - The traffic snarl-ups on the motor ways
6 - The claustrophobic lanes/roads - we are so used to wide open spaces in South Africa
7 - The Grey skies - not great for photography!

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