25 September 2012

(11) UK - Lincoln City Walk

We decided to venture further afield today to explore the city of Lincoln, a city which rises on a cliff above the River Witham. The older part of the city dates back to Roman times and the first recorded settlement was AD 48.
Many of the medieval buildings have survived or been restored and the most impressive of all is Lincoln Cathedral which rises high and proud on top of the hill.
There was an entrance fee to walk around the inside of the cathedral of 6 pound per person which we though was excessive so we did not venture further. It is rather sad that a church feels the need to be so commercial to the extent that one cannot enter without paying. Donations requested maybe but an entrance fee?
We were rather hampered by parking time constraints and moved to a 2nd car park after 2 hours so ended up doing the Steep Hill not only once, but twice!!!

We first walked down Steep Hill, an amazing old street with many historical buildings to find a T-Mobile shop. The street goes all the way down to the city's pedestrian shopping walkways and it was very busy. We found the shop, sorted out our problem and headed back up the hill again. This is a university city so the red, pink and blue hair leaps out at one! Whether this is a new craze or just a Lincoln "thing" I have no idea. The rings were also in the most impossible places o faces and look so VERY uncomfortable!! However, the young are expressing themselves in weird and wonderful ways so I suppose the more way-out young adults are trying to make a statement - "LOOK AT ME" And look we certainly did, gawk, more like it. Luckily for mankind, the majority of students look fairly normal!!!

The university buildings are down at the Brayford Waterford and there were many students around. The buildings are modern and it seems a great place to be studying.
The Waterfront has a number of canal boats and small river craft tied up. We spotted a lone gent setting off on his narrow boat with his bicycle on the back - whether he was just out for his afternoon ride or whether he was off on a longer adventure we could not guess!
The City Centre has tons of shops for those who love shopping - all the big name stores plus others. It has a good feel, this small city.
We stopped to re-fuel at the Magna Carta Pub and enjoyed Cod, Curly fries and peas. I have never heard of curly fries before but for .35 p extra, it was worth a try!
They were curled chips - thin and twirly! Much more fun than boring old fat chips!
We have chosen to visit the English Pubs rather than restaurants as we have plenty of great food in Cape Town but nobody can replicate an English or Irish pub. They offer fairly decent food at good prices in an informal and cheerful setting. We passed a pub called the "Witch and Wardrobe" which offered "Heated Beer Garden at Rear"  - in this weather, one wonders if they ever turn the heating off? The names of the ales are also quite weird - Hobgoblin? I will have to see if James suffers any weird side effects - watch this space! Perhaps, he will turn into a horrid Goblin? Hopefully not, otherwise I am in trouble!

The UK has experienced huge amounts of rain over the past 2 days, with severe flooding in some parts, so we were very lucky to have been blessed with only cloudy weather and a freezing wind!
My Getaway Beanie has been working overtime, keeping my ears warm. Thanks, Getaway!!!
We went up North via the motorway which is certainly not as scary as the Autobahn in Germany. Traffic was free-flowing and well behaved.
We chose to go home via the country route which took us via the inevitable farmlands and small villages. Quiet and peaceful with a number of speed-cameras!
A great city to visit - more time would have been a bonus.

© Judelle Drake

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