28 September 2012

(13) UK - Leaving Rutland - On the Move - not with Eddie Stobart!

Sadly, today we have to leave Barnsdale Country Club to head south-west to Much Marcle for a family wedding. Barnsdale Country Club has been a superb base for exploring Rutland and the surrounding counties of Leicestershire, Northhamptonshire and Lincolnshire. There is much to do in this area and we have been kept busy and had to leave out quite a few excursions.

The roads were busy with many trucks, including the "Eddy Stobart"  trucks seen on local UK TV - why there is such a fuss about this company we did not quite understand as we tuned in half-way through the program! A section of the motorway had only 2 lanes open and this slowed us down considerably. There is nothing worse than travelling on a motorway in any country - it's boring, usually very busy and seems to go on forever. South Africa excluded - we have such diverse scenery that one cannot get tired of it! But I suppose I am slightly prejudiced!

We eventually reached the Malvern Hills and the Tom-Tom took us via a narrow lane fit only for one vehicle with no turning spots!! Thankfully, we met no other car - heaven knows what would have happened if we did. So take care and do not choose the "scenic" route unless you enjoy the unexpected.

Our booking was at the Royal Oak in Much Marcle - we found the pub easily enough but could not check in until after 17.30. This was most annoying as we had been on the road, stuck in traffic for over 2/5 hours. The room faces a car park - so yuck! Anyway, the room itself was OK so we decided to stay.
Our evening get-together was at a place called the Inn @ Welland and the food was good, the group noisy and happy with a wedding looming so it was a great evening.

Postscript: 13/08/2013

Via Face Book - August 2013 - April Jones (Deceased)
Eddie Stobart is coming to Machynlleth, Wales to release there new lorry which they are naming in memory of April Jones, this lorry will be followed around the country by a TV crew for a year which you can watch on channel 5 (UK). Please come and support us as well as giving a big cheer to Eddie Stobart for putting April Jones' name on their lorry.

A five-year-old girl from Machynlleth, Powys, Wales, disappeared on 1 October 2012, after being sighted willingly getting into a vehicle near her home. Her disappearance generated a large amount of press coverage, both nationally and internationally. A 46-year-old local man, Mark Bridger, was subsequently arrested and charged with Jones' abduction and murder.
  On 30 May 2013, Bridger was found guilty of April's abduction and murder in addition to perverting the course of justice. He was sentenced to life imprisonment. The trial judge ordered that he never be released from prison.

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