24 September 2012

(10) UK - Rainy Day - Pub Lunch and Egleton Ramble

Waking up early was a waste of time - it dawned cold, grey and miserable! UK weather certainly lives up to its horrid reputation - don't set foot here if you are wanting sunshine - choose the Greek Islands instead! But if you are looking for history, great pubs, walks in nature, markets and gorgeous small villages, then you are in the right place.
After doing some chores we headed off to find some lunch. Our first stop was at the Black Bull in Market Overton. This is supposedly a "warm, traditional inn" with owners from Yorkshire. Well, the van was parked outside, the door was open, the bar was unmanned and there was nobody in sight! With money and keys lying around, they are obviously very trusting but it did not smell as if there was any food cooking and nobody came to assist. Perhaps the locals draw their own beer and pay later! Anyway, we left.

We then headed for the Sun Inn in Cottesmore (bad name for a pub on a rainy day!) The welcome was better here - the pub was actually manned and had some patrons! It's a gorgeous white building - ever so cute from the outside. The staff were friendly and the 2 course menu cost 10.50 pounds. We had Shepherds Pie and Veg (our first veg in ages - too many pies in this country!) and then a fruity pudding with custard.
Unfortunately, it was still pelting down when we emerged after lunch so although we took a drive to Whitwell Harbour, there was nothing happening - in fact, the yachts are mostly on dry land! The Rutland Belle, which does cruises on Rutland Water, was cosily berthed and not going anywhere!
Back home to read the Rutland Times and have our tea.

The weather suddenly seemed to improve, so back in the car to drive to Egleton for a walk on the cycle path to work off the food and the feeling of being cooped up all day - even though we were not! The wind was icy cold but a brisk walk soon got us warmed up although we had to dodge many puddles until we eventually were forced to turn back after a huge section of the path was totally flooded. Lovely reflections in all the puddles made for some interesting photos.
Back home, we were amazed at the brilliant sunset that faced us through our picture window.
A picturesque end to the day and we hope the weather is just a tad better tomorrow!!!


© Judelle Drake

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