24 September 2012

Rutland Times - Stealing Entire Kitchens?

As South Africans we think we have the worse crime stats in the world so it is rather fun, if one can call it that, to read a local village paper in UK and find out that there are problems even in tiny villages here.

Seen in the Rutland Times , a local Newspaper, dated 20 Sept, 2012
A property in Melton Road, Whissendine, was broken into at about 11.40am on Tuesday last week.
Police are appealing for witnesses who saw the men running away.
On Sept 7th at 3pm two people were assaulted in Oakham High Street - police are appealing for witnesses.
Burglar high on drugs steals entire kitchen from a new home in Corby where the owners had not yet moved in.
Looking at the villages and homes around here, one would not think that there could possibly be any crime in this affluent area, yet there is.
Hopefully, our kitchens on SA are still safe - I have not yet heard that particular crime doing the rounds!!!
The Fire Departments were also busy the same week:
A TV was on fire in a flat with nobody home
Two hay balers overheated and caught fire in 2 different locations (how does anything over-heat here?)
A warehouse in a self-storage caught fire
A cooker caught fire and damaged a kitchen.
Crazy stuff!!
It remains a great county with friendly folk, pretty villages, fairly sane drivers and good pubs!
But do take care - in Egleton we saw a sign at a car park to the nature reserve
"Leave it on show - Expect it to go"
"Don't make your car a target"
Now who would expect thieves in this tiny village? Surely persons visiting the Bird Hides would be decent folk and not thieves?
Odd but true.

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