15 September 2012

(1) Cape Town to UK - Rutland County UK

Rutland County is the smallest county in England and this was one of the reasons we chose it for our annual holiday this year.
Air-fares have risen lately and we struggled to find a reasonable fare until it was suggested we try SkyScanner which provided a fairly decent price for a British Airways ticket. The time came round fairly quickly and there we were climbing aboard, all set for Heathrow direct from Cape Town. The plane was very full - the staff coped with smiles on their faces. Dinner time came around and the usual "Chicken or Beef" request echoed down the plane. I chose chicken and hungrily opened my pack only to find--------a full English Breakfast!!!! This must surely be a first - English Breakfast for dinner! I decided to eat rather than await the busy staff's return and they were truly shocked when I told them my sorry tale. The expressions on their faces was priceless! Having filled my hunger pains, I was not upset at all but they did offer me more food. Mistakes do happen and this one was so unusual (I hope!) that I just could not complain, nor did I want to. So next time you fly BA remind them not to give you breakfast instead!

The wait for our rental car was long but again, the staff were very pleasant and helpful. The Tom-Tom did not make any mistakes and after a very boring drive on the highway, we located Barnsdale Country Club. With lovely views over Rutland Water it should turn out to be a peaceful and interesting time.

We drove into Oakham Village where many locals were out and about. We popped into a tiny local pub for quick bite to eat.This seems a well-frequented little pub with good pub meals at reasonable prices (for us South African)

Finding Tesco's was a challenge as the sign only faces one way and we were driving from the opposite way. But find it we did and this store will be frequented during our stay here. The variety of prepared meals appears to be much vaster than we get in Cape Town so it will be easier to self-cater at reasonable cost and still have a variety of meals in the village.
Armed with our groceries we headed back to Barnsdale to check in and just about gave the cleaning lady heart-failure as she was still in the unit! So late in the day and she still had 5 units to clean she told us. Poor lady!
After a long flight with no sleep to speak of, we fell into bed rather exhausted - even the wedding racket from the building behind us, did not keep us awake!
Roll on tomorrow when we can start exploring!

© Judelle Drake

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