21 September 2015

Argentina - 7 Lakes Drive

7 Lakes Drive Argentina
Stunning scenery - just magnificent. Sometimes words are just not good enough to describe this drive between Villa La Angostura and San Martin De Los Andes.
We have done the drive twice already in both directions so actually 4 times and we are still not tired of the landscapes.
This morning the lakes were like glass with incredibly breathtaking reflections of the snow covered peaks.
There are many stopping places in order to take photos and soak up the beauty all around.
Lago Correntoso, Lago Espejo Chico, Lago Falkner are my favourites but there are many more!
Take a picnic - there are many "camping" spots along the way - most have braai places but ablutions are rather basic if available!

The road is pretty good even though you may spot the odd cow munching away right next to the road or some horses that come right up to the car to see if there is some food on offer! The wild horses shy away and look rather neglected. Sheep can also be sighted so do take care.

If you wish to support a St Bernard called Hector, stop at the 2nd viewpoint out of Villa Angostura! A guy with a Kodak sign on his van sits there all day waiting to take photos of you with his dog.
A 2 km detour takes one to Lago Espejo Chico. This is a peaceful spot with great views. The locals really enjoy sitting on their deck chairs even when the weather is very chilly!

Lago Correntoso has views from both the long road bridge and lower down from the small beach areas. The water is crystal clear and has many different hues.
Another great stop is at Rio Ruca Malen where one can turn off the main road and  get down to the river. The old bridge is very photogenic and the water? Oh my word - it is so clear, deep and mysterious!  Incredible!
All in all, a place of great beauty and natural charm.
The Argentinians are preserving their landscapes as most are declared as National Parks.
It truly is a beautiful country!

© Judelle Drake

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