29 September 2015

Buenos Aires - Tigre Delta

Tigre Delta Buenos Aires

Tigre Delta - what an amazing place!
With no running water and only boats for transport, this is a slice of paradise! You can pick up a bargain at around USD 60,000 perhaps but then there is also the cost of the boat and regular maintenance to the house after each flood!
All the homes are built on stilts as the river rises depending on the wind direction. The boats are also moored high up on some contraption so as to escape being washed away when the levels rise.
So its not for the feint hearted!
The area is very lush and the lawns are so green and well kept. I even spotted some residents out on their lawns suntanning.
Most of the homes have water tanks.
Originally there were wild animals in the Delta and the name of Tigre comes from this era although the animals were actually jaguars not tigers.
Boats are a MUST as the only means of transport!Tigre Delta
There are many tourist boats - ours was with Sturia . The delta is immense with over 5000 waterways. Current population is around 3000. The islands in the Delta supply the cellulose, paper and plywood industries.
There is a huge difference between the Tigre Delta, Buenos Aries and the backwaters of Alleppy, India. The first is really only for the more well heeled Argentinians whereas the Indian backwaters house a very much poorer population of thousands. It has been interesting to view both and realise the vast difference between the 2 although both are living in the same sort of natural environment.

Everything in the Tigre Delta has to be delivered by boat and this starts with the building materials, then all the furniture  required.  There are boats for all occasions supplying the residents e.g. Supermarket boats, ice cream boats, pizza boats, plus a hospital boat for emergencies. We saw huge bottles of water and cola being dropped off at a jetty.

Supply Boats (Supermarket by boat!) Tigre Delta
Whilst we obviously only saw a minute section of the enormous delta area, the wide lawns and interesting homes really fascinated me and I would have loved to have spent a week- end in this glorious spot. Oh well, can't have it all!

Rowing is an important part of life here and there are numerous rowing clubs on the other side of the river such as Italian and English. Many are housed in beautiful buildings.

Rowing Club Buenos Aires
There is also the very interesting
"Market of the Fruit" close by the ferries. The older section of the market is open all week whereas the many other shops only open at week-ends. Upmarket goods are on sale here in the permanent section - beautiful to browse around.
A truly beautiful spot just an hour out of Buenos Aires or approx. 50 by train.

"Market of the Fruit" sells all sorts! Buenos Aires

© Judelle Drake

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