23 September 2015

Argentina - Huerta Organica, Laguna Verde and Rio Bonito Falls

Our first outing today was to a local organic farm (Huerta Organica) where there are individual plots. It seems that berries are the main crop and they do sell jams that are made from their products. Some of the plots appear to be better managed than others but, of course, they have just come out of winter so I suppose the gardens cannot be looking at their best! Its a lovely spot and worth doing an organised tour if you can understand Spanish!

Our afternoon walk was around Laguna Verde. This small lake is surrounded by many trees and there are boards giving the tree names. The walk is not very long but it features many different tree species. We passed a horse that was very friendly and looking for a snack!

Our last short walk of the day was the 200 metres down to the Rio Bonito Falls.
Once again, the forest fascinates me - there are so many forests in this area of Villa Angostura. The falls are beautiful even though quite small. The roar of the water greets one before the falls are within site.

We sure are going to miss this incredibly fresh air - no pollution!!
All in all, an interesting day.

© Judelle Drake

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