06 September 2015

Argentina - Pitfalls!

Lights on Vehicles are Compulsory in Argentina
Travel is fun but it can also be extremely challenging. More so when you trip and fall, smashing your knee onto solid concrete. At the time, I was more concerned re the fact that I dropped my Nikon D300! However, as the pain increased my concern for my precious camera took a back seat. And still Villa Piren Reception would not give us keys. I hobbled to our unit Number 10 - it was all locked up so cleaning was complete?

The patio table was broken - Gold Crown rated by RCI? I think not! At 14.30 the Reception Desk got somebody on duty who speaks English. Hurray for small mercies! Thankfully we eventually got access to our apartment. Our next hurdle was to drive into Carlos Paz for supplies. This proved to be another impossible task and with my pain now reaching excruciating levels, the walking was not helping. We managed to find a small cafe for some basics. By the time I got onto my bed I was shaking like a leaf and in continuous pain. Extra strength Voltaren had no effect!  
With my pain increasing, James requested that the English Receptionist accompany us to the nearest hospital.

The roads in this town are like a maze to the uninitiated! Giselle directed us to the closest hospital which was closed! It is housed in a modern building and is "private" Perhaps more like an upmarket clinic? The local government hospital was much further and I hobbled in to face a sea of faces waiting to be attended to. My first thought was " we will be here all night!"
However,  I have nothing but praise for this hospital even though they classed me as a "African" on the admission form! Giselle explained the situation and I was called in about 5 minutes. Hobbling along I was told to wait while they grabbed the nearest wheelchair! All my life I wanted this ride experience!! 

After being examined, the doctor told my interpreter that I needed an injection to "relax" me. This injection seemed to go on forever - I have no idea what was in that huge cocktail! Maybe best I didn't know.The X - rays were taken - no fracture damage thankfully. 

James actually had the most entertaining time in the waiting room. Dogs, yes dogs, people all staring at him, a mother breastfeeding what looked like a 3 year old, kids running riot etc.
Whilst this hospital looks as if it requires a huge cash injection, the staff and doctors were very efficient and pleasant.

My prescription? Some unknown tablets for pain and 5 days ( yes you read that correctly!) of bed rest. Me? While in a foreign country that is waiting to be explored?
Anyway, whatever was in that injection worked and the night brought blissful sleep. I am doing my best to stay put for 1 day - we will assess again tomorrow.

© Judelle Drake

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