11 September 2015

Argentina - Carlos Paz Lake walk

Carlos Paz Argentina
Today we decided to do the walk along the lake side of Carlos Paz. The walk goes on and on and took us about 3 hours. Ok I did not walk very fast but still, it's a long walk.
There are some better looking properties here but the whole area just lacks something. The lake is lovely and a large part of the road is for pedestrian traffic only which makes for a peaceful wander without car fumes. 
Lake Walk Carlos Paz Argentina

Today seems to be a holiday so there were people picnicking, a bus load of girls taking photos of each other, fisherman out catching fish (and they do!) and a lady doing her exercises.

Coming from South Africa we have found the style here rather depressing. There are no gardens to speak of and the playgrounds and sport fields are rather dry and dusty.
However,  everybody appears well dressed even if they drive beaten up cars.

Speed Humps (lamada) are so common as are rain water ditches. So its a slow way to anywhere given that the dogs are all over. The dogs all wag their tails and do not appear to be neglected. There are plenty of shops selling dog paraphernalia and vets are available.
Our funniest sighting today was a motorbike with 2 people trailing a horse behind them! Unfortunately, the camera was not at hand.
The other strange thing here is that there are very few stop signs. So if there is no robot it's any body's guess who goes first. In Cordoba there were large mirrors but that does not really assist the silly foreign tourist! 

Anywhere else - just take care!
As for the beer bottle deposit story - it's a total rip off. Say the beer costs 16 pesos, with the bottle it costs over 22 pesos. But you can never get your money back on the original bottles bought as you have to keep buying to get a discount. So we have lost quite a number of pesos to various shops! A great way for the shops to make extra bucks!

Lake Walk Carlos Paz

Villa Piren is a haven of peace - there is just total silence at our cabin with only bird song to break the silence. Despite the fact that it does lack certain Gold Crown standards it truly is restful.

© Judelle Drake

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