30 September 2015

Buenos Aires - Recoleta Cemetery and La Boca

Eva Peron - Recoleta Cemetery Buenos Aires
Recoleta Cemetery is touted as the must visit in Buenos Aires. It is huge; make no mistake but whether it is really of that much interest to a Non-Argentinian I don't really know. We have visited many interesting graveyards all over the world that have shown us a slice of history of the people. Recoleta is only for the very wealthy to bury their dead as the mausoleums sell for the same price as an apartment! Can you imagine that? Seems crazy.
You truly require a map to get around this place otherwise you could be lost forever in Recoleta! Maps are sold at the entrance. This cemetery was created in 1822 and covers 4 city blocks.
The streets are narrow and many  - just be thankful that us mere mortals will never end up here as we don't have the famous surnames or their wealth.
Recoleta Cemetery Buenos Aires Argentina
Ostentatious does not even begin to describe some of these mausoleums. However,  some are very neglected and these are being re - sold if no further members of the family can be traced.
All rather gory!
We did spot a very contented cat sleeping in the sun on some very expensive "real estate"!

La Boca - El Caminito
This is one area that tourists go to for the colourful houses. It is only safe in the main tourist area - anywhere else in La Boca and you are asking for trouble as it is not a very savoury neighbourhood. We also saw our first shack time dwellings in this area.

Colourful Houses in La Boca
The tourist area is well worth a visit though with a number of shops, restaurants and those crazy looking buildings. There are a number of artists displaying their works.  The sidewalks in La Boca are all very high as the area used to suffer from many floods. This problem has long gone but the high sidewalks remain. It's a pity this place is so dangerous for tourists to venture on their own and one hopes that it can become safer.

However, in all of Buenos Aires it is not advisable to walk with a camera - this has really annoyed me as I have travelled to many countries without a problem. It means that I have not been able to get a good photographic record of my time here.

Art in La Boca Buenos Aires

© Judelle Drake

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