14 September 2015

Argentina - Cordoba to La Angostura

Cordoba Argentina
 Today we say goodbye to our stint in Cordoba Province. Facing the speed humps in Carlos Paz for one last time!
Goodbye dogs!
The drive to Cordoba airport turned out to be a nightmare due to roadworks. The GPS just does not cope to well under these conditions and it took us all over the place before getting us onto the airport road. And then to crown it all James misses the airport turnoff! Luckily there was a small portion of shoulder so he could back up. With cars turning onto the airport road at speed this was not good for my nerves!
Cordoba airport is modern, fairly large but very quiet. This was our first flight with the local Argentina Aerolinas. Despite the fact that the plane looked and sounded rather ancient, the flight was excellent. The stewardess greeted us in English and ended up giving us some tips on the best place to enjoy beer in Bariloche! Needless to say, no alcohol on this flight!
The landing was flawless so compliments to the pilot.
The queue to get out of arrivals once we had collected our luggage was LONG! The only have one X ray machine so it took forever. Thankfully, our Europcar guy was waiting for us so that we could still reach Baia Monzano before dark.
Stunning landscapes greeted us - lakes and snow capped mountains. Truly beautiful!
Reception at Bahía Manzano was very pleasant. All info is in Spanish - OMG - don't understand anything! So we headed back to ask for an English translation.
At the Welcome meeting we enjoyed a drink and some snacks and then the Manager came to call us. He took us into his office and explained most of the activities. This was most appreciated!
Our apartment has a wonderful view of Lake Huapi and has 3 floors! So lots of stairs up and down!
The restaurant is good - a varied menu to suit all tastes.
For now, a good night's rest required.

The view from our balcony at Baia Manzano

The morning dawned bright and sunny.
After breakfast we joined fellow guests on the lawns to await our guided walk. Now this is where one's lack of Spanish comes in - the guide was extremely vocal about heaven only knows what but we had no clue what he was saying except when he shouted "auto" - in other words get off the road, a car is approaching!
The walk around the peninsula near Baia Manzano Resort
It was a good walk nevertheless as we passed numerous private homes tucked in the forest and numerous hotels and cabanas. Those set right on the lake have amazing views over the water with the snowcapped mountains in the background. The area is obviously geared towards many tourists.
After our visit to a supermarket in Villa Angostura where there are no free bags, we headed back for lunch.

Our afternoon drive took us down to Puerto Bahia Bravo where there were many locals catching the sun on the deck chairs. This despite the rather chilly wind factor!
The views are very spectacular and we hope to do more scenic drives in the days to come.

Villa La Angostura

© Judelle Drake

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