09 September 2015

Argentina - language barrier!

Everything is in Spanish - we are lost!! Argentina
Whilst it is fun exploring new places, our total lack of the Spanish language is a major stumbling block as there are very few locals in Cordoba Province who speak English.
We had a crazy 45 mins in the local Disco Supermarket this morning trying to get rid of 1 litre beer bottles. Bear in mind that we are charged for the bottle originally.
We walked in with the empties and were shown to go to the back of the shop to the "machine" We found the machine and it swallowed up the bottles at 8 Ars each.
Wow, we thought Spanish effeciency!
At the till it was THE most bizarre experience ever. We could not get any money back even though we were charged originally. No - we had to buy more beers and if we only bought one we would end up paying a ridiculous price!
Everybody prattled at speed and we were by now getting totally irritated. At least I was - James still managed to stay fairly calm! Eventually a call was made to somebody who could speak English.
It seems that there is no actual cash back like in most other countries worldwide - there is only a discount if you buy the same product.
A total rip - off I would say!
So we asked for our empties back! Rather leave them for the cleaners!!!!
And all this amongst the incredulous stares of locals buying FOOD!

Carlos Paz Argentina
The centre of Carlos Paz is quite vibey with a number of restaurants and many shops. Rather dusty though as there are road works and building alterations going on.

So we headed back to Cabalango which is a small village with a number of decent looking houses. Very quiet with the riverside restaurants all closed up. Even the dogs were absent here!
The funniest sight I have seen in ages was a guy who stopped on the causeway leading into the village. And guess what he was going to do? He hauled a bucket out of his car and proceeded to throw at least 10 buckets of river water over said car.
Why he wished to do this I have no clue as most of this village has untarred roads. People sure are strange!

Car Washing in Cabalanga Argentina

I still cannot get over the number of dogs in Carlos Paz - all shapes and sizes and all over the roads. We even saw 3 lying next to the cops at a roadblock today.
The cops appear at strange places stopping vehicles but thankfully we have not been stopped. Can you imagine trying to have that conversation!

At home I have a regular guest who speaks many languages, including Spanish, but unfortunately I could not high jack him as his priorities lie very high up in Rome.
Oh well, we will get by and try to have fun while doing so! All in a days travel!

© Judelle Drake

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