18 September 2015

Argentina - Hike to Lago Espejo

Rio Correntoso

We headed off towards Rio Correntoso to take some photos of the bridge, river and lake.
At the parking spot we saw a sign that said Lago Espejo 5 km. So a hike - that sounded like a great idea as we have done a number of long drives and both felt the need for some exercise.

So off we set uphill. The houses here are set in amongst the trees - some look as if they never get any sun at all. That would depress me totally. A lake view - yes thanks! I am amazed that there are so many people who really live out in nature - no street lights and really in the middle of nowhere. They have to contend with muddy roads and just imagine during winter when snowfalls are also an issue?

I do love the architecture though and the fact that wood is the preferred medium for most of the buildings.

This road is so quiet with only a handful of cars passing us. As we headed further and further there was the load music of the builders working on a new house and even further on a few large dogs! That's the sum total of noise or human interaction  - it's just so quiet and peaceful. In fact, the only person we saw was a guy on a bicycle and he was perhaps heading to the construction site.
The houses must be rather expensive here, I assume, as they are well looked after and look pretty expensive.
However, I am not too sure if I would like to be so cut off from the world? The peace and tranquillity are a given with spaces between homes and quite far from Villa La Angostura.

There are not many places left in the world where one can walk such a distance and be totally safe!
The forest is amazing - very tall trees heading up towards the sunlight although some had such exposed roots that they look as if they will fall over at the slightest puff if wind. As we headed more into the forest, still following the signs, we wondered if a giant had measured out the so - called 5 km distance? By now we were just about at eye level with the snow capped mountains as we had gone up and up! The forest walk was glorious but hey, where is this lake?
Going higher and higher with no sign of  Lake Espejo anywhere close by, we eventually gave up and decided to head back down.
Unfinished home with this amazing view!

We did pass a half completed house with a gorgeous lake view (not Lake Espejo!) - it is for sale if anybody is interested in burying themselves in the country? Really deep in the country!


By now my nose, hands and mouth were feeling so frozen that I had visions of losing all feeling and ending up a frozen statue somewhere in the forest!
Luckily, I spotted a very sturdy bamboo stick on the ground and this helped to transverse the muddy and snowy bits on the long way down again.
After a long 3.5 hr walk with no rest we were very pleased to spy our parked car waiting at the Rio Correntoso bridge!
A hike to a mythical lake but perhaps it really was just around another few corners? Surrounded by tall trees and an ongoing upward spiral we both had our doubts!
Anyway, some great exercise in air so fresh it should be bottled!

© Judelle Drake

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