07 September 2015

Argentina - Villa General Belgrano

Such old crocks! Villa Paz Argentina

But there is beauty to be found in Argentina

Our local town Carlos Paz appears to be so ugly that we decided to venture further afield today. This particular part of Cordoba is just a conglomeration of awful buildings, pavement special dogs, ancient cars ( not even museum material!) and traffic! Even the countryside is uninteresting being dry with no redeeming features.

Villa General Belgrano is an interesting town. Founded in the 19 30 ' s a percentage of the population are descended from the surviving crew of the Admiral Graf  Spee. This German  battleship was scuttled off the Uruguayan coast in 1939.
The town has better architecture than the rest that we have seen and makes for an entertaining walk browsing the shops and many restaurants. 

The annual October Bier fest must be extremely lively and fun! Preparations are already ongoing in early September.
There are many beer mugs, delicious looking chocolates and other interesting souvenirs for sale.

We ventured up one of the side streets and found a local restaurant close to a supermarket. Great - lunch and then our supplies. Well the lunch was good but when we crossed the road to the supermarket ours was the only car still parked there! Closed until 16.30! Siesta time is still obviously well observed here.

Our drive back to Villa Piren was uneventful and we managed to find the supermarket in Carlos Paz - called Disco!
The play parks are so depressing - hard earth with some kiddies things. Soccer fields have not a blade of grass. Houses are totally lacking in any form of architectural style.
It's quite a depressing place for us so used to the beauty of South Africa.
However, we will do some more exploring tomorrow.....and hope to fund some beauty.

© Judelle Drake

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